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Value Villages Food & Leather

Fish processing plant aiming to upscale fish waste that realizes the full potential of the blue economy to the benefit of local communities and the fishing industry.


  • The factory will produce affordable chicken feeds from fish waste, which will enhance local livelihoods for women & youth & reduce the cost/accessibility of chicken. Poultry in Turkana is currently expensive due to the high cost of transport of feed.
  • Has trialed sales of fish meal to chicken to farmers in Kitale, who experienced enhanced productivity.
  • Factory has a capacity to produce 30 tonnes/day.

Key Milestones under KCJF

  • 1,800 fishermen experiencing 30% increase in income with a reliable offtake market.
  • 60 new jobs in processing.
  • 3,600 women experience 25% increase in income due to access to affordable feeds that enable viable livelihood from poultry farming; youth will distribute.

About The Founder

James Ambani, co-founder & CEO, is a program manager equipped with finance and administrative skills with more than ten years of working experience in medical research with different arms of the United States Government. His previous appointment as the site lead for The Henry Jackson Foundation Medical Research Inc. (HJFMRI) project with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Western Kenya gave him a wealth of experience in managing a complex platform of multiple funded projects.

Ira Rose Kidemu, co-founder, has comprehensive administrative management skills including basic accounting skills, petty cash management, procurement and debt collection. She has remarkable management and supervisory skills with proven ability to coordinate multiple activities, determine and analyze problems and implement corrective actions. She is pursuing an MBA at the University of Nairobi and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration and Management) from Daystar University.

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