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Buildher equips disadvantaged young women in Kenya with accredited construction skills, leading to greater financial prosperity, changing male attitudes and promoting gender equality within the construction industry.



  • BuildHer equips vulnerable young women from low-income communities in Kenya with accredited construction skills in high-demand, low-supply trades, boosting livelihoods and enabling access through an Earn, Learn & Save model.
  • BuildHer’s Earn, Learn & Save model provides women with the opportunity to gain marketable and nationally accredited skills within a female-friendly and financially accessible environment which demonstrates tangible routes to secure employment and livelihoods, resulting in increased incomes.
  • BuildHer provides training in carpentry, joinery and life skills to women between the ages of 18 -35. It targets young women, earning below Ksh 300 per day prior to enrolment from informal settlement communities in Nairobi County.
  • BuildHer has two revenue streams:
    • Student loan repayments plus 15-20% interest deducted from salaries
    • Recruitment fees paid by employers

Key Milestones under KCJF

  • 530% increase in income for BuildHer women after 4 months of training.
  • 194+ women trained in construction skills in Year One.
  • 67% increase in Employer productivity attributed to BuildHer women
  • $11,000 income earned by BuildHer women in Year One.
  • 83% reduction in cost of training by Year Four to $500/trainee.
  • 83% employer policies changed to incorporate gender, sexual harassment & dignified pay.
  • 95% increased confidence in women who attend the program.
  • $588,000 target Income for BuildHer women by 2023

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