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2019 Business Innovation Challenge Finalists


  1. Ten Senses Africa

Ten Senses Africa is a social enterprise working directly with nearly 30,000 smallholder farmers to produce and export Organic and Fair Trade macadamia and cashew nuts from Kenya. The company seeks to upgrade Macadamia out grower management system through block chain technology and automation of purchasing, training, certification, documentation and contracting processes. The block chain technology will enhance security of information, establish systems to collect and analyze data, and enhance transparency and traceability of farmer and business data.

2. TakaTaka Solutions

TakaTaka Solutions is a social enterprise addressing the waste management challenge in Kenya. The enterprise operates a whole value-chain model including collecting waste from its clients, sorting the waste at a decentralized sorting station, selling recyclable materials and processing organic waste. The company seeks to set up Kenya’s first recycling plant for currently unrecyclable PP plastics. The proposed plant will wash and crush pp plastics into flakes sell to plastic manufacturers to make new products. This will address the manufacturers’ concerns about contamination and provide a high-quality input.

3. Lynk Jobs Limited

Lynk Jobs Limited is an enterprise providing a technology platform that connects gig workers to clients. The tech platform provides the ‘entrepreneurship infrastructure’ which informal workers are commonly lacking – a digital career identity, marketing, customer service and payment management services. Lynk has to-date facilitated 22,961 jobs for 1,336 gig workers on the platform, in addition to jobs for over 500 helpers and assistants. The jobs matched on the platform to-date have involved the transfer of over KES 225,506,754 from customers to workers.

4. Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited

Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited is a West Pokot based engineering and IT service solution provider. The company has developed a cooling solution for the dairy value chain to tackle issues of quality control, product traceability, mismanagement at dairy cooperatives, spillage and spoilage of milk which limits profits for dairy farmers. The cooling unit, MaziwaPlus, is a solar powered cooling unit that is mounted on motorbikes and has an intelligent battery management system for power back-up for up to 36 hours at 5 C. The company is currently working with 25 cooperatives in West Pokot, Trans Nzoia and Elgeyo Marakwet to collect and efficiently deliver milk from farmers to the cooperatives.

5. Buildher

Buildher equips disadvantaged young women in Kenya with accredited construction skills, leading to greater financial prosperity, changing male attitudes and promoting gender equality within the construction industry. Building on the success of Okhistudio, its parent company, BuildHer seeks to create a better workforce by focusing on upskilling female artisans to the levels required by the local construction industry, and to secure a two-to-five-fold increase in income.

6. Rio Fish Limited

Rio fish Ltd.  is a social enterprise providing sustainable livelihoods and increasing food security through strengthening market systems around aquaculture in Lake Victoria. Rio fish is seeking to test utilization of new technologies to organize the fish market system by connecting farmers and traders through a streamlined online trading platform, connecting input suppliers and farmers through a customized central database hosted on the platform and improving fish production through better data recording practices.

7. Mohazo Ex-impo Ltd

Mohazo Ex-impo Ltd. has been exporting artefacts and hand crafted goods from Kenya to international markets for 32 years. In 2018, Mohazo exported handicrafts worth Ksh 16M to buyers in US and Europe building on its database of 10,000 international buyers from around the World. In response to the changing market dynamics, Mohazo intends to use technology to create a platform that will showcase Kenyan artefacts, stimulate growth and make the handicraft market more efficient.

8. HopeTech Plus Limited

HopeTech Plus Limited is addressing the employability challenge of people with visual impairment due to factors such as limited computer skills as most of them rely on braille. 

9. Equatorial Sunpower Limited

Equatorial Sunpower Limited provides basic energy solutions in the arid and semi-arid areas using prepaid solar charging systems installed in selected agent’s premises. The company provides solar lanterns and solar home systems through pay-as-you-go system making them affordable to the poor. The company has distributed over 20,000 solar lanterns to date and recruited over 760 agents in the ASAL region. 

9. Daproim Africa

Daproim Africa is an outsourcing social enterprise that offers quality and affordable volume data management services to research firms, multinationals, Government institutions and corporations. The enterprise combines machine intelligence and a crowd-sourcing model to provide practical solutions to organizations that require digitization services.

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