We support

innovative women & youth

in Kenya

Informal Sector

Fund support solutions that use technology to link up clusters of informal microenterprises


create employment and increase incomes for disadvantaged groups

Programme Background

Providing assistance to innovative solutions for youth and women.

Kenya has a vibrant, innovative business ecosystem and a youthful population that is driven, creative, and prepared to hustle. This presents an opportunity for accelerated social and economic growth. However, the formal labour market is still constrained and is not creating enough jobs to absorb the majority of youth seeking work.


Create new quality jobs for young and vulnerable people through improved enterprise performance.


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The Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund is a £5m, 4-year programme that aims to test and support innovations that have the potential to stimulate job creation.

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Your support helps us to reach hardworking women and youths in unserved and underserved regions around the country.

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While the youth present opportunities in terms of economic growth, it equally poses a critical development challenge.

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