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How to Apply

  1. Applicants fill out an initial short application form here which is assessed against the eligibility and selection criteria seen above with particular emphasis in this initial long-listing stage on impact and innovation. 
  2. Successful applicants are notified and requested to fill in the full application within 10 days.
  3. KCJF team carries out a detailed assessment of the application against the eligibility and assessment criteria. Where appropriate, the team may contact the applicant for additional information to complete the assessment. 
  4. The top 45 applicants are asked to provide a pitch deck.
  5. The top 30 candidates pitch to the KCJF team. Additional assessment is carried out based on the pitch delivery, quality of the pich, confidence in the entrepreneur and answers provided to the team’s queries. 
  6. The top 20 applications are submitted to the FCDO investment committee who select the top 10. 
  7. The KCJF team works with the top 10 to carry out due diligence of their application and assist entrepreneurs in preparing their pitch. 
  8. Top 10 pitch at the KCJF Competition where 5 winners are selected by an external committee.
  9. Deeper due diligence is conducted on the 5 winners.
  10. Needs assessment conducted on the 5 winners to uncover technical assistance needs, inform program targets and establish milestones and impact metrics.
  11. Use of funds is discussed and agreed upon.
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