Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund  

Through the Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is looking to test and support innovations with the potential to stimulate large-scale job creation. The Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund is a £5m, 4-year catalytic jobs fund that will, through a mix of technical assistance and grant support, test competitively selected innovations that have potential to unlock market constraints and create jobs, including for the most vulnerable, e.g. people living with disability. The intended programme impact is increased or improved productive employment opportunities for poor young men and women in target sectors and geographies.

Size of the Award

The Business Innovation Challenge Winners will receive grant funding and technical assistance of up to £100,000. The exact size of the grant funding will be determined by DFID and disbursement will be milestone-based. In subsequent phases of the programme, additional funding may be available based on learnings from the pilot phase and on DFID’s approval.

Learning Agenda

The programme will contain a strong emphasis on learning and evidence. It will seek to generate knowledge, data and evidence on ways of addressing barriers to job creation and disseminate findings to relevant stakeholders, including potential investors.