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2020 Business Innovation Challenge Finalists


  1. Zumi – Nairobi 

Digitization of apparel value chain through connecting apparel wholesalers and retailers in a transparent, affordable marketplace. Zumi is empowering women retailers with the technology, logistics and financial services to scale. Relevant for the current covid-19 context.

2. Duka Financial Technologies Limited Digiduka – Nairobi 

A digital retail network that will increase value addition services for kiosks and consumers and develop open Application Programme Interfaces with capacity to grow and manage increased demand. Relevant for the present covid-19 context.

3. African Agency for Arid Resources Limited (AGAR) – Isiolo

Empowering pastoralist communities in the East African ASAL through sustainable exploitation of resources, by providing them with market access and professional technical advice in selected value chains in gum & resins.

4. Hello Tractor – Nairobi

An “uber for tractors” Enterprise that links farmers with tractors. The innovation models a form of pay-as-you-go tractor for increased agricultural productivity, job creation and an attractive new asset class for women savings cooperative.

5. Jijenge Academy – Nairobi

Program to effectively train underprivileged students that have never touched a computer before, in data labeling skills so they can work for BPO companies or become data labeling freelancers.

6. Keep IT Cool – Homabay

Sustainable cold chain solution in white meat value chain. Using a collaborative tool- an online web platform, clients can book for our cold chain truck in a ‘shared service’ and meant to help them access distant markets while keeping it in a fresh state. Climate change risk especially with the present rising of water levels on Lake Victoria.

7. Miyonga Fresh Greens – Wheeling Fruit Project – Nairobi

Development of a mobile fruit processing factory in order to reduce food waste, create jobs in rural areas, improve digital traceability (through incorporation of GPS elements) of food from different regions.

8. Ujuzi Kilimo Solutions – Soil Pal – Kisii

Transformation of farmers from a traditional to a modern knowledge based agricultural community through use of precision farming, data analytics, interactive sms and climate smart farming.

9. Value Villages Food & Leather – Turkana

Fish processing plant aiming to upscale fish waste that realizes the full potential of the blue economy to the benefit of local communities and the fishing industry.

10. Zaidi Tech – Kiambu

Rebuilding the informal dairy value chain by availing technology to the Traders, unlocking the data and access to the farmers. Through this exclusive access, they can buy the milk from the traders, and predict when shortages are going to happen, overcoming the challenges of seasonality.

The Cohort 2 grantees will be announced after a business competition scheduled for September 1st, 2020 that will be aired on KTN Home from 8 – 9 PM EAT

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